Reporters & Liaisons


R# Title and Reporter Status
R8-17 Literature Survey on Uniform Colour Space for Imaging Applications including Wide Colour Gamut and High Dynamic Range Images - Youn Jin Kim, KR Active
R8-16 Material Adjustment Transforms - Max Derhak, US Active
R8-15 A survey on Quality Metrics on Stereoscopic Imageing - Christine Fernandez-Maloigne FR, Jesus Jaime Moreno MX, Alessandro Rizzi, IT Active
R8-14 Office Lighting for Image - Yasuki Yamauchi, JP Active
R8-13 Common Colour Appearance - Craig Revie, GB Closed
R8-12 3D Multi-view Image/Video Colour Data Format Conversion and Quality Control - Dr. Hezerul Abdul Karim, MY Closed
R8-11 Colour Image Reproduction for 3D Printing - Dr. Kaida Xiao, GB Closed
R8-10 Full-Reference Image Quality Metrics: Classification and Evaluation - Marius Pedersen, NO Closed
R8-09 Output Linearization Methods for Displays and Printers - Dr. Klaus Richter, DE Closed
R8-08 Image Appearance Model Framework - Dr. Mark Fairchild, USA Closed
R8-07 CAT in CIECAM02 - Dr. Sabine Süsstrunk, Switzerland Closed
R8-06 Results of CIECAM02 - N. Moroney, USA Closed
R8-05 Image Appearance - Dr. Mark Fairchild, USA Closed
R8-04 Effects of Fluorescence in Characterization of Imaging Media - Dr. D. Rich, USA Closed
R8-03 Potential Interaction Between CIE and IEC TA2 - Dr. H. Ikeda, Japan Closed
R8-02 Fluorescence - Dr. C. McCamy, USA Closed
R8-01 Grading of Colour Measurement Equipment - Dr. Y. Ohno, USA Closed




ISO/TC 036: Cinematography CIE Central Bureau
ISO/TC 130: Graphic Technology Dr. Danny Rich
ISO/TC 042: Photography Mr. Hideyasu Kuniba
ISO/TC 159/SC 04/WG2: Ergonomics, SC 4: Signals and Controls, WG 2: Visual display requirements Dr. Po-Chieh Hung
ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC29: Joint Committee on information technology, SC29: Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information CIE Central Bureau
IEC TC100/TA2 Multimedia Systems and Equipment

Dr. Naoya Katoh

ASTM Dr. Ellen Carter
International Color Consortium Dr. Marc Mahy, Mr. Fumio Nakaya
ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC28: Joint Committee on information technology, SC28: Office Equipment Dr. Klaus Richter

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